A Gender Mystery – Retail Therapy,

Two Pictures the gap between

A Gender Mystery – Retail Therapy,

Words That May Help.


Swinging her feet over the end of the bed she headed to the shower, after the ritual cleansing she dried her hair and slipped into a bright yellow dress with white spots.

With increasing anticipation she grabbed the collected regalia required for the spiritual experience about to occur.

The celestial journey began as she stepped out of the door.

UImage of A Gender Mystery - retail therapy

A Gender Mystery – Retail Therapy

Sylph like she glided between the aisles, as if drawn by some mystical force she moved on eyes glazed and yet somehow curiously focused.

The first stop was the seat at the cosmetic counter where she talked briefly to the high priestess of glamour, who with potions and colour heightened her radiance and lifted her self-confidence.

Uplifted, but thirsty, she headed to the watering hole for refreshment. After standing in line she ordered a skinny


Across the crowded room their eyes met , picking up her refreshment she made her way over to her fellow disciple.

Sitting down, eyes locked, watching every nuance of facial expression intently, making sure that nothing was misunderstood, they exchanged observations.  Refreshed they departed to explore more aisles of pleasure,

prepared and armed with knowledge shared.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, steps truncated, mind started to blur, it was time, exhausted, and yet inspired by the visionary gifts

of humankind’s ingenuity.  She made the journey home.

The journey ended, crossing the threshold, as many times before, now time to meditate and reflect.

Retail Therapy, – he would not understand, – the mystery and wonder of window shopping.

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