Latest creation.

This is my latest creation I haven’t got a name for it, are there any suggestions?

What I wanted to attempt with this piece is to get the central cube to hover.

latest cubesmall

I have always been drawn towards designs and images that play with the perception of space within my mind.

When I wore a younger mans clothes  I remember I visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

there I saw an unassuming work of art. Remarkable in the fact

that when you walked past it, it gave the illusion

that there was a fly in the room.

The artist and the title have long since passed out of mind

but the image has stayed with me a truly powerful experience.

As I walk down this path called life I oft heard

it said that that artist or that piece of work

was to me so spiritual and moving.  Am I blind, why has nothing moved me so, setting up a vibration of understanding

and appreciation?

I can appreciate technical ability

I can appreciate the energy and effort to compile the work,

I can appreciate that it is clever,

I can comprehend the technical nuances

and yet sometime I find it difficult to engage emotionally

that is until  I came across the outstanding work

of Fred Sandbach August 29, 1943 – June 23, 2003

a minimalist that really altered the space within my head

.all with little pieces of wool

if you do not know this artist work check him out.

Some of his work can be seen here

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