Dyslexia painting explained “Numeric Symphony in Red”

The following comment has often been asked,of me

“Although I appreciate and like the visual impression and impact that your dyslexia images on me,  I do not have dyslexia tendencies and simply do not understand them could you please explain what they are about.” 

Whilst there is an argument that art does not need to mean anything, it simply exists in its own space and time, fulfilling it’s own unique identity, I recognize the need of individuals to classify and understand, with this in mind I aim to in the next few posts to explain some of the thinking behind each Piece Todays featured piece is,  one of my favorite pieces from my  exhibition held during Dyslexia awareness week   ” Numeric symphony in Red”

Numeric Symphony in Red

Numeric Symphony in Red

Whilst researching and developing the ideas behind these pieces for the exhibition I happened to be speaking to a University lecturer, and friend of mine  who happened to mentioned that whilst  he does not have issues with letters but he does with Number. So much so that when he looks at a numbers in tabular form the come together and start to dance before his eyes.

Numeric symphony in Red is an attempt to replicate this phenomenon .

In this piece the number 01-99 are represented in tabular form. Each number was vertically dissected and  back half of the number joined front  half of the next number. Creating numeric  couples coming together as if in dance. Interestingly enough people with dyslexic tendencies seem to see the number immediately without explanation.

I am rather pleased with the effect  whilst the The dark areas represent  the negative spaces between each set of dancing numbers they seem to impart an primeval harmony to the piece.

If this piece stimulates any questions or requires any further information or explanation please ask away.

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