The Fortune of others

I thought to myself, once again I find myself without representation,

as I took a ride down to our local picture framers to collect some paintings returned from yet another gallery outlet that has closed. After a friendly few minutes in banter, I realised that  I need to hit the road so packing the images in the car and with a smile and a wave I headed off down the road  A whiles down the road my eye was caught by a flash in the rear view mirror taking a longer peer I saw nothing untoward so onwards I travelled . On my arrival I started to unpack the car and realised I was one missing, yep you guessed it in order to open the car I place one on the roof as I lifted the tailgate there it remained until inertia of forward motion removed it into the realm of gravity and impact. I trust it was not too badly damaged when it was found and that whoever found it, it brings them pleasure.   I believe the title of the piece was simply “Aross the Forth” . That’s life folks

across the Forth

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