ailsa craig sailing

[“Sailing around Ailsa Craig – Scotland”)

Acrylic on canvas (600mm x 500mm 24″ x 19.5″)


“Atmospheric Colourist”

All images in galleries are conceived  and created by Terry  Adams.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Terry.
    I am Gail, Agnes’s cousins. I am too an artist.
    Re ‘Orange with a pearl earring’ I love the depth of colour, the texture and most of all the fabulous warm glow from both earring and orange. Well done1

  2. i couldn’t have found better words myself, to describe your work..’atmospheric colourist” indeed. thank you for the follow mainly because it gave me the chance to discover your colorful nest and wander through your paintings. will be checking you often. oh and i LOVE scotland!

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