Painted this well a version about 10 years ago called Dante’s Lament

did not realise that it was the shape of things to come.

Rather apt and propheticadjusted

Merry Chrismas all

“Shared Environment”

Shared Environment

Shared Environment”


Something a little different #1

st Andrews east sands

St Andrews East Sands   Triangular Image

Fresh of Easel “RED SHOE IN CROWD”

Latest Picture

Image size approx. 1000 x 800 mm  Framed size 1100 x 900 mm




“Higlands of Scotland – A Riverside Bothy”

A riverside bothy  finished today. Paint still wet.  circa 24″ sq acrylic on canvas

SAM_5000 riverside croftframed

One from the early days “The Vase”


A little more abstract “Forest Lights”

img_1089large painting acrylic on canvas


The Strength of Africa

I thought I would post another picture for all those that like cats and art entitled the Strength of Africa it is acrylic on 24 carat gold leaf covered board.



love to hear your thoughts about this rendition. enjoy.

The Fortune of others

I thought to myself, once again I find myself without representation,

as I took a ride down to our local picture framers to collect some paintings returned from yet another gallery outlet that has closed. After a friendly few minutes in banter, I realised that  I need to hit the road so packing the images in the car and with a smile and a wave I headed off down the road  A whiles down the road my eye was caught by a flash in the rear view mirror taking a longer peer I saw nothing untoward so onwards I travelled . On my arrival I started to unpack the car and realised I was one missing, yep you guessed it in order to open the car I place one on the roof as I lifted the tailgate there it remained until inertia of forward motion removed it into the realm of gravity and impact. I trust it was not too badly damaged when it was found and that whoever found it, it brings them pleasure.   I believe the title of the piece was simply “Aross the Forth” . That’s life folks

across the Forth