Dyslexia – second image from a past exhibition.

Not all dyslexia is the same whilst in consultation some people said that when reading certain letters seem to promote themselves whilst

others sink into the background.This was the thinking behind this piece of work.

lovesonbgcomputer generated

 The following piece of poetry ,T.S.Eliots Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufock,  was randomly selected

as a starting point

LOVESONGplain words

These word were then modified to demonstrate to those without dyslexic tendencies what it would be like to actually cope with this phenomenon


Finally the the black letters were removed a each letter converted into a coloured square to reveal the hidden pattern within the selected passage.

Vowels in Dyslexia

Vowels in Dyslexia

 original, created with ruling pen and acrylic paint

image .size 15″ x 19″ (381mm x 483 mm)

I have long been attracted to hidden shapes and patterns that exist all around us.

If you think that this may be of interest to someone please share.

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