Somethig a little different

One day whilst sitting on a park bench I thought WHY

Why need I conform. here today a  little protest.

highball caper

Cliche but still beautiful

So no apology Have a great weekend Folks Make it magical.



Sometime even shadows are confusing here is one I took, one moment in time or was it yesterday perhaps.


For those who like to write poetry – some inspiration

A few years ago I took this image that I share per chance that it will inspire a word or two from those that I follow and indeed those that I do not to write a stanza or two. the power station, clouds sun-rays indeed the very man have all now gone but the image remains. 

light painting

“The assignation” as name by one of the public at an exhibition

Originally this painting was unimaginatively named until a lady viewer at an exhibition named it the Assignation

The title stuck can you think of a better title. Is the shoe connected to the ladder the ladder to the wearer was it lost going up or down like much of my work questions remain. The story is yours :

the assignation

City Signatures Edinburgh

beyond the fringe copy

edin copy

Building brown with ghostly 

stray beams of light.

People busy in Granite shelters

I stand beneath and ink stained sky

Interrupted by a magenta balloon

filled with yesterdays air

pregnant with anticipation of collective joy

Sunflower in the Cape

sunflower in the cape

A little brightness for the week-end

A combination of styles

coming together to form an interesting image “Namaste”

Morning fried egg on plate

Had a fried egg for breakfast fried with virgin coconut oil the health option.

It was so good decided to share it virtually. ENJOY

fried egg

The Green Loch

The other month I passed by this remarkable place and felt my spirits lifted I share with you in the hope that it does the same for you.

green loch

The Stroll

Something to relax you after a stressful day.


the stroll